Duke Driving School, LLC
Car Rental Policy
Rental of the Duke Driver Ed. Car for use during a student's Driving Exam is not required as part of the Training Agreement, but it is a very nice option. Why consider renting the Duke Car for the State Driving Exam?

  • It stands to reason that, during the In-Car Lessons, the student practiced the State Maneuverability Course in the Duke Car and will naturally feel more comfortable taking the actual State Test in a vehicle that is familiar to them.

  • An instructor goes with the car giving the student a "refresher" so to speak, and reviews important Major Basics or Essential Requirements for the Driving Exam.

  • While Duke Driving School cannot guarantee that any student will successfully pass the Driving Exam, the above mentioned approach has been known to help students get over their nervousness and feel better prepared for the Test. 
Cost of Rental

As stated in the original Training Agreement, this option is available for a fee of $85.00 CASH Why the extra charge?

  • Such an appointment is an additionl commitment for the Driving School above & beyond the full driver ed. course already provided, and is generally a 2 Hour investment of the Instructor's time and energy.

  • It is a reservation of the vehicle, which might have been used for the purpose of accomodating another customer. Also, there is the obvious cost of fuel, the "wear-and-tear" on the vehicle, and the maintenance required as a result.

  • Furthermore, there is the potential for damage to the vehicle should the student have an accident during the Driving Exam.
Availability & Procedure for Scheduling

Duke reserves Tuesday & Thursday mornings for this service.

  • To schedule the Car Rental, simply contact the Exam Station (Broad Street / Hilliard / Springfield) and then immediately contact Duke to inquire as to availability. Duke must have at least 2 weeks notice for scheduling.

  • In addition, an appointment at the Duke Office must be made to make your payment and thus reserve the vehicle and be "locked-in" to the schedule.

  • Payment MUST be paid-in-full / up-front with CASH.